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1)From what i gather an aussie version of Hot Topic, where they sell 'typical' punk/emo/etc clothes, where a lot of people go to feel cool and rebelious and (2) a lot of others go because they like the clothes.
3)A dangerous field
1)"hey look i just paid $140 on my new pink dress at dangerfield to look differant and Molly bought the exact same one!"
2)"Check out my new ramones top from dangerfield, sweet hey? I really love their song 'we want the airwaves'"
3) Look over there its a dangerfield.
by JessicaLee March 24, 2006
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The entire region of a man where the sun does not shine, consisting of one's ass, asscrack, gromit, balls, dick, and pubic region.
Hey Dave, I want you to lick my Dangerfield clean!
by Uumba February 10, 2003
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