Another way of saying the popular word "dench" famously plucked from the actor Dame Judy Dench's name.

This is no way an insult to her.
Man 1: "Holy shit mate, that car is awesome."
Man 2: "Yeah man, it's dame judy."

Geeza 1: "Woah, that finish was dame judy"
by benvg May 30, 2012
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This is rhyming slang.
Dame Judi Dench = stench.
It naturally is no reflection on the actress or her thespian abilities. The joy of the phrase is the total irrelevance of the subject to the meaning.

It is quoted several times in Irvine Welsh's novels; some readers have misunderstood what it means when used in phrases liked "He left a Dame Judi Dench in the toilet" - the text would refer to the odour, not the stool.
1. Who made that awful Dame Judi?
2. The toilet was filled with a terrible Judi Dench.
by Edna Sweetlove August 3, 2010
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An expression of anger or sexual longing
Sexual: I'm going to Dame Judy Dench the shit out of you (winky face)
Anger: I'M GOING TO DAME JUDY DENCH THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!!!! (Aggressive face)
by faeceious gelatinous October 28, 2013
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A particularly powerful and offensive odour usually associated with farting or number 2's. A stench, but on the next level. Mostly experienced following a night of drinking and consumption of nasty fast-food that you wouldn't normally eat unless drunk, a strong indication of bowel or other inner turmoil.
Bob: Dude don't use the bathroom for 10 minutes, I just made a proper Dame Judy in there. Must've been the vodka last night

Bill: Yeah, that and dodgy take-away
Bob: Tru dat

Man did you just fart? Omg that's proper Dame Judy! Open the window!
by Richmilo January 26, 2021
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