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Dai-tea a rather rare name pronounced (dae-tay-aa), of Japanese origin meaning, "great meaning"
its a unisex name, people called daitea are rather weird,cold and shy,but once you get to know them they can be fun and sweet . daitea's find it difficult to express themselves,they have weird ways of showing they care, they are introverts, intelligent, and love researching, beauty, observing,great friends,they are nature lovers and are always trying to see the good in the people they meet. they tend to be detached, once someone they love hurts them ,they detach themselves from you.
they love to read, tend to zone out when doing what they love, they are different, love being themselves despite criticism- they just don't care. they have a great smiles, they have a reason for everything they do and say. a person called daitea can act oblivious to things around them but they know and understand a lot more.they can write a whole book about you if given the chance or they could describe you in a word. they are calm but don't push them to the wall .
some might say they are easy to persuade but trust me they are always thinking of another's feelings before they do anything ,they would never do anything they do not want to do.finally they love freedom, they hate anything that will root them at one place , they are rebellious, they also have a habit of blending in being invisible ,they hate the spotlight . they just want things that are important in life, daitea's are deep people.
daitea means" great meaning"
i met a girl named daitea today
i find dai-tea in life.
by animkerocks37 September 07, 2016
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