Slang for the term "Daddy fucker", which identifies you as a female who has sexual intercourse with your father. (as opposed to being a male, having intercourse with your mother, or "mofo" - "Mother Fucker".)
"Hey, you. Dafo! You are the fashizzle!"
by BelgainDSoul August 25, 2004
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In light of the quite fantastic actor Willem Dafoe, a two-syllable word was created to explain something beyond comprehension and can be used in any situation to substitute or accentuate elongated and profane remarks. In a very extreme situation, one that might cause sever trauma and soiling, one is allowed to repeat the first sound and say, "Jeez!, I mean, goddammit, fuckin woah, that' de dede do de da, Dafoe!"
To substitute: "Holy Bitchly Ball Bite Cunting Chewy Shit Fuckee!", the message will be just as clear with, "Dafoe."

Or, to accentuate: "Jesus Christ on a Crusty Coackroach Cracker, that's Dafoe!"
by Prof. Matthew Puett December 7, 2004
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To be shocked or surprised by a large penis that was not always a shocker of a penis but grew into one due to a long duration of un-use. Again this is not a reasonably big penis but one that could easily be mistaken as a baseball bat if it was seen at a quick glance in the vicinity of a neighbourhood park.
I opened the unlocked mens bathroom door and was dafoed. I thought it was going to attack me or sweep kick me if I wasnt careful.
by brylan April 20, 2007
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He's a pretty healthy guy, as shown in his role in John Wick where he makes a smoothie.
"hey, you know that guy Willem Dafoe?"
"Yeah, he's a healthy guy!"
by Healthy guy enthusiast November 26, 2020
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Brilliant character actor with a chiseled face tailor made for portraying a villain.which he did in the 1985 movie "to live and die in la" with his portrayal of counterieter Eric Masters. He's well known for his portrayal of Sgt elias in 1987s "platoon"as well as his role in "the last temptation of christ"
Willem dafoe has had a long time affiliation with the 'wooster project' an off off broadway theater ensemble.
by 4realazitgits April 4, 2021
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the act of seeing Willem Dafoe in two or more back to back movies, without knowing he starred or co-starred in either.
Dude, a Sneaky Dafoe happened to me last night
by TheRandomNumber September 20, 2017
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Friend: Yo do you know willem dafoe
Friend 2: ye?
Friend: he's got a massive cock they say
Friend 2: oh damnn
by Boost0123 April 29, 2022
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