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Munter rhyming slang for the drug ecstacy. Daffadill - pill
I gotta go pick up some daffas so we can get wasted
by Magic E January 25, 2003
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A person who typically comes from Indonesian backgrounds. It is almost ALWAYS a chink, and very rare breed for sure. They’re known for their microscopic dongs, and they typically have hobbies and passions not many others seem interesting, such as card tricks, or collecting toys.
“Some girl said this dudes dong isn’t very big. He must be a Daffa”
by Jdog3002 August 26, 2018
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A person that will typically order the most expensive food on the menu as long as you’re paying.
“Yo what are you gonna order?”
“Oh I’m just gonna do a daffa
by dcitonarry September 01, 2018
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