a goddamn spider with long spindly ones that i HATE!!! motherfucker. daddy longlegs may be somewhere and you didn't know it 'cos that bitchass is nigh on invisble, cunt spider wankstain daddy longlegs i hate you!!!!!!!
marcus didn't know that unbeknownst to his a daddy longlegs was approaching, goddamn!
by tht! tne May 20, 2005
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called daddy bc of that one hookup they had 20 yrs ago. gross ass spider.
why is daddy longlegs first name daddy??????
by ihvegginmycrocs June 24, 2022
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Despite popular belief, a daddy longlegs is a spider with a small body and long, spindly legs. What most people think of as a daddy longlegs is actualy called a crane fly. Spiders like daddy longlegs are most common in summer, especialy during hot summers when there are a lot of insects about.
Don't kill a daddy longlegs, or any other kind of spider. They eat household pests.
by Stormsworder April 16, 2007
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Daddy Longlegs are, despite popular belief, insects, not spiders due to the fact that they have 6 legs rather than 8. They have a single-section podlike body (whereas spiders have 3 sections of their bodies) and very long, thin, spindly legs that when pulled off, still move for a bit. They are commonly seen in backyards or unfinished basements.
It is so fun to pull off a few legs of the Daddy Longlegs and watch it hobble about.
by Toki Wartooth7 August 23, 2008
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A teacher who knows nothing but acts like she knows anything. Usually overweight and talks a lot about her love life
by Nobodycalledyoutoday May 16, 2019
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