That giant mosquito lookin' motherfucker that doesn't bite or fucking do anything, really. They're easy to catch, but can freak the fuck out of you.
"WTF is that shit on the wall mate?"
"That be one fucking big crane fly..."

"Bro, that's just a crane fly, chill the fuck out"
by thefugees February 26, 2012
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Mistaken for a spider, this gassy little fellah is sometimes spotted in the outer band of tress around China. A few were found in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The most interesting part of this creature is it's ability to fucking die. Yes, this creature can die at the drop of a hat, provided that the hat is on fucking fire. This animal is dead.
Look at that, it's dead.
Must be an Ilan Crane Fly
by Jack the Douche April 03, 2019
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