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A gay male, usually 40+, who is considered attractive in both a dad type way and a bear type way. The man is typically very hairy, larger in stature but not muscular, bald or balding and comes off as fatherly and commanding. He usually has a beard of some sort, possibly tattoos and is out and proud. He will most always seek a younger gay male as his partner and variations of the relationship can form based on the interests or desires of the men involved.
Kurt shaved his head today after his daddy bear, Pete, instructed him to do so.
by baldbigdaddybearpete March 10, 2018
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the male version of the MILF. A daddy bear is any married and/or father who is sexy in a dad kind of way. Daddy Bears can usually be spotted in groups at sporting events, pushing strollers at festivals or eating lunch with his buddies during the work week. Often seen with shaved/balding heads and wrap around sunglasses in their native habitat.
Did you see those guys at lunch? The bald one was such a daddy bear!
by Sofagirl May 20, 2009
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Someone who has surpassed the ordinary befriending of a girl, the friend zone, and gone one step further. They are looked at as a gay best friend or younger/older brother figure by the female he is trying to woo. This stage is irreversible, though the friend zone is looked at as nigh on impossible to escape some miracles have occurred and beautiful relationships have begun, however in the case of Daddy Bear this level has never been escaped. Rumours have circulated however all were found out to be untrue.
Lewis has been Daddy Beared again!
by LewisVanGaal August 29, 2016
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