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light, generic, cheap beer that middle-aged men (dads) buy. refered to as "dad beer" when consumed by 20-something kids who still live with their parents, who are either too poor to buy the good stuff, or (in most cases) they just ran out of it and want to keep the party going.
"hey, we're all out of jagermeister, but I've got some dad beer in the fridge if you want some."
by ANB March 02, 2008
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Dad Beer:

1. n. Cheap, re-released domestic beer popular during the early to mid 20th century now purchased by younger consumers due its novelty and inexpensive price.

2. Beer that tastes like the first sip of your dad's beer when you were 10.
Ex. Pabst Blue Ribbon, Shlitz, Coors, Miller High Life, Miller Genuine Draft, Carling Black Label, Blatz, Red Dog, Budweiser, Colt 45, Strohs, anything that comes in a 30 pack for under $20.

"Whoa, $12 for a case of Blatz?! Dude, this tastes like piss!"

"Yeah, man. It's dad beer!"
by KristophShredski January 16, 2013
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