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originated in a little town called "Sen-Town" a.k.a., monessen, some would mumble something..and in a dazed out voice the other person would say "what?" and the you would scream "DACKLESSSS"!!!!!!!!!!
Me- Hey Kayla..sjhdfjhkhaskdjaklsj
Kayla- What??? :/
Me- DACKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me- Oooooh...BURNNNN!
by aliciawashurrrrrr September 10, 2007
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An upper drug, often used in place of methamphetamine. Dackle stick would refer to the smoking device. Other ways in which it is used: Dack, sprack-dack-ular, dackled, dax, dickle-dackle, etc.
Got any dackle?
by Dog Pound January 01, 2014
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