A DIRTY OLD MAN who perves/touches/looks for younger wemon, a pedo etc.
i saw your dad havin' a perve on your little sisters friends the other day, he is a D O M
by Horse September 24, 2005
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I never knew what this meant until now so i thought I'd help someone who didn't know what it meant either :) lmfao I'm dumb sorry
"Like for 21 questions"
like and I'll inbox you this lmao

D/p/m: ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

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You are:
Do I hate you?

Do I like you?
Do I trust you?

Do i love you?
Did you ever make me mad?
Did you ever make me smile?
Did I ever had a crush on you?
Would I ever date you?

Would I kiss you?

Would I chill with you?
by ghost.zone March 9, 2017
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deep and meaningful conversation. Also d'n'm
After the show, I had a d n m with Bonobo. Now we're BFFs.
by anonpants December 2, 2010
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Some people think DOM means dirty old man. They have filthy minds.
People with clean minds know this means Distinguished Older Man.
Many women in their 40s who have reared their family are liberated sexually.
They thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of having a D O M to escort them on
a regular basis around the social scene
by St. Ias September 26, 2005
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An emotional conversation usually (but not always) of a melancholy nature. Also known as Deep & Meaningful
Peter and I had a D&M about his troublesome relationship.
by 'K' July 22, 2004
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