Special type of monkeys who live in Boosted Lands,and are related to Twitch streamer Nightblue3.They are usualy really toxic and highly boosted.
by GolemCaptain January 5, 2017
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1. (noun) An adorable species of monkey that is particularly known for its dazzling cheeks, stunning eyes, and its resplendent physical stature. It is probably most famous for its ability to imitate the new born and its unique way of communication with other species of monkey. Characteristics of the Bonobo also include a sporadic sexual appetite and a tendency to indulge in naughty endeavors.

2. (adj.) Used to describe any sexy female with a gorgeous personality.

3. (noun) A hotty with a body.
1. The Bonobo climbed the tree and talked to a fellow Gibbon.

2. Yo John! Did you see that chick? She was so fine, she was just pure Bonobo!

3. Dayum!! What a Bonobo!
by DJ G-Gib April 5, 2011
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A Bonobo is a small, french looking animal usually found in the heart of Tropical terrain.

The Bonobo has a strange tenancy to prey on the young and weak(drunk)

The Bonobo has a small compartment in between it's legs to lure in innocent bystanders.

When threatened, the Bonobo will make a loud shrieking noise and then proceed to rid of all it's clothing.
Guy 1 "dude, don't get too fucked up, there are bonobo's around"

Guy 2(next morning) : "dude, i was attacked by a bonobo last night, it was fucking scary"
by Joumasepoes123 January 18, 2011
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A great word to call a slut that claims he or she is “poly” without getting suspended or fired. It comes from the primate that is known for sluttery.
Girl 1: waaaaaah!!! doesnt wanna be my freind anymoreee because i cheated on my girlfreind but im poly!!
Girl 2: Uhhh…. Aren’t we in middle school? Okay? Sorry I guess

Two years later…

Girl 1: Yur a BEEATCH!
Girl 2 : Fuck you too! You aint just a bitch you a Bonobo.
by Imjustonheretosecretlytalkshit October 11, 2023
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To fuck someone like a bonobo chimpanzee who won't quit. Rapid fire bang.
I'm going to fuck you like a bonobo, girl/boy.

She ain't no hoe, just because she went bonobo.
by Bonono123 February 15, 2016
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A monster that live in bamboo forests and has red eyes. It's chest is open and if you look at it in its eyes it will hunt you down
Oh no the Bonobo monster is coming
by Hdgehkrkrjje April 30, 2022
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Verb or noun. Engaging in animalistic sex. Rubbing genitals frequently in a frenzied state.
Let's go back to my place and do the bonobo.

I'm going to bonobo the sh%t out of you.
by Pushpuppy February 26, 2014
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