Lit., "She wants the dick", a way of saying that a female wants your penis in her hand or in one of her orifices. The amount that a female "wants the D" can in fact be calculated with this simple formula:

x = total hours paying attention to your words
y = her seemingly pointless interest in you, counted in weeks
z = number of times she has stated, in anger at your conceit and arrogance, that she definitely does NOT want the dick (and never will).

Note that z can be a negative number, if she has stated that she wants the dick.

a = How much she (the subject of interest) wants the dick

For z = 0, a = x + ( y / x )

For z > 0, a = ( 0 - z )

For z < 0, a = x + y ( - z )

Lopez's law:
For z < 0, a cannot exceed 2x because she cannot possibly want the dick that much.

Baker's law:
For z > 0, a cannot exceed 1, because if she has said she does not want the dick, she may want you to work for it, and will want the dick more at a future time, although not currently.
by 28017013 January 10, 2012
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when a chick wants your cock in and around her mouth/vagina.
by Lee McChesney April 26, 2008
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Anthony : Who you texting Bruh ?
Nucci : A thirsty bitch .... SHE WANT THE D !
by NucciMontana March 3, 2014
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