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Cyndi is a reference to a group of people/person(s) that are not only attractive but very goal orriented and love to have a good time
Guy: Did you see Cyndi last night, She was hot!
Other Guy: I know man, she was dancing all over the place
by missnikidee September 01, 2007
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a fuckin awesome biznitch! :) is the awsomest person u ever shall meet in your entire sucky life. a cyndi will always make u poop a little in your pants and the thought of her beauty, smexiness, and humorous immaturity, and gettoliciousness.
damn the chick is so awsome! she is like the the coolest person eva!

yeah thats for sho! shes a cyndi, dawg!
by buttrapedyourmomandlikedit;) December 31, 2011
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