a bitch or a dog that is fucking or haveing sex
dude u see that bitch fucking
yea man that shit was crazy
by chriis October 17, 2008
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to fuck a dog especially a female dog... up the ass... doggy style
its not cheating if u bitch fuck a dog... cuz its YOUR dog
by Zach September 24, 2004
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noun. a derogatory word for describing a person you don't like. more specifically, a person you hate because of something they did.
that redheaded racist bitch fuck should get her ass kicked because she's a concieted whore.
by stina chadbourne August 27, 2005
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When a lesbian punches her lover in the pussy.
Woman 1: Fuck! Why did you fucking bitch fuck me you bitch?
by Callipygian1 August 25, 2009
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being trapped by a girl of much lesser caliber (than you) and having sex with her (w or w/o falling in love) and staying with her for the rest of your life
1. Jimmy was a normal boy who was in a college and an internship at a nice firm, but that drug slut totally messed him up by giving him a baby and forcing him to quit everything!

2. he's 6'4 and she's 4'6 w...t...F??? bitch fucked lololol they married now?
by ogogoman July 29, 2009
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when someone is so much more than an asshole, their a bitch fuck
Alex: why is Gretchen being such an asshole lately.
Susan: i think shes a little more then an asshole
Alex: you're right... shes being a bitch fuck

Syn: Asshole, ant: a very nice person, someone nice to be around
by Efost December 4, 2019
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a profanity used in the case of a screw up or an "uh-oh" situation.. Can be used in place of the words "fuck", "shit", or "damn".
by marylick6969 August 6, 2009
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