A shitty annoying way of saying cya, popularized by the League of Legends streamer, Nightblue3. Usually said in Twitch chat, or Internet games, and sometimes said by annoying gamers without a life.

Pronounced See-why- at sign.
/all CY@ lol

Lol trash yasuo CY@

CY@ nerd
by becksuses December 29, 2016
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cyah at lan
cy @ lan

Neil_m cy@

The lovely irish fella called Neil . Known as a gaming god, he once spoke some sense out of his mouth, Producing


Also can be topped off with a ~

by Vincent brewer October 8, 2008
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A way of saying "CYA" popularized by the League of Legends streamer Nightblue3.
CY@ trash can

CY@ you boosted bonobo

CY@ you monkey
by dayblue2 January 1, 2017
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A handsome, kind, loving, athletic, and freespirited person, who may not always have the best idea of a good partner.
He spends a lot of time with his female friends, and will do anything to make you laugh. He also has no filter, so he says some pretty random shit.
'Cy is such a cool guy!'
by verymuchgivingdictionary May 12, 2019
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helpful and clever way to make the enemy team mad or tilted similar to cy@

used sometimes by twitch.tv streamers such as NightBlue3
guy on my team: man this rengar lived with 10 hp and is dancing on my grave

other person on my team: ill get him
rengar on the enemy team: not even close cy% you boosted animals
by azirisnotatrahschamp December 28, 2016
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Cys also known as Calgary’s Youngest Savages, they brought on the heat at Crossiron Mills when they canned the mall. CYS also has a song “Cys we the best” which slaps
“Yo Jul you hitting up the addy CYS gon be there, it’ll be lit”
“What is CYS”
by QWERTYLZ December 7, 2018
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An acronym meaning Calm Your Shit, used when you have a friend who is just going overboard and needs to CYS or calm their shit.
Person 1: Yo bro you actin mad crazy right about now. CYS dawg
Person 2: Yeah I understand that dawg sorry man
by basedgoddes96 July 20, 2011
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