Welsh word for an affectionate hug. There's no literal English translation, but its nearest equivlent is "safe place". So if you give someone a cwtch, you're giving them a "safe place".

It can also be used as a place to store things safely (usually a cupboard under a staircase)
"Give me a cwtch"

"Put your jacket in the cwtch"
by spambox April 19, 2005
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A welsh word for a cuddle or a hug. Pronounced 'Cutch' ('cwt' rhymes with put, 'ch' as in chicken).
Oh, come over here and give me a cwtch!
by Jenny C November 13, 2006
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Cuddle, hold the baby in the mother's shawl

origin - Welsh mothers used to wrap their babies in their (the mother's) shawls in a certain way that enabled then to carry on with their work whilst keeping the baby safe and comfortable.
She would cwtch the baby in her shawl while she went for a walk.
by kaspig April 11, 2008
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CWTCH: pronounced cutch, like clutch without the 'L'. also the 'u' sound is more, but not quite an 'oo' sound. from the welsh word 'cwtch'.
means: cuddle, close hug.
CWTCH IN: when ya settled in by the fire e.g. the dog curls up with you, dog is CWTCHING IN.
ive had a bad day, i'm in need of a cwtch.
your so lush, i could cwtch you all day.
look at you cwtching your dog.
cheddar the dog likes to cwtch in while i watch tv.
by kyjerry May 27, 2007
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