Means of weaving in an out of traffic especially during a cat and mouse street race on public roads
Me and that boy gambino was cuttin up crazy last night when 12 was in our ass
by February 10, 2022
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When a group goes outside and acts a fool. rocking houses, running from the cops, starting shit, etc.
911 Operator: 911 What is your emergency
Snitch ass nigga: yeah these kids are cuttin up on 5th street
by 724yb May 8, 2019
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A phrase that can mean either Painfully whack or Extremely cool.
Yo girl that jacket is cuttin' up!
by Little Lortz November 17, 2009
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ACTING sloppy/floored/trashed after a few drinks, generally to gain attention or try to seem cool. This often results in your bro's getting pissed.
Guy 1: Dude is Jay fucked up? We've been here for an hour.
Guy 2: Na dude, he's cuttin' up so hard. I watch that bitch have 3 beers and that's it.
Guy 1: Fuck him dude, we're not bringing him anymore. He's embarrassing as shit.
by GirlsTokeLax December 1, 2011
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a bad or pungent smell ;)

sb/ ob + verb + cuttin' up
1) That Nigga's breath was cuttin' up

(His breath smelt really bad!!!)

2) He went to wash some clothes at the washers and girl his clothes was cuttin' up!
( While at the laundromat when he exposed his clothes they smelt horrible.)

3) That Nigga's feet was cuttin up!!!
(His feet stank)
by Krazzy D November 15, 2012
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Roasting your bitch ass friends and/or tearing them to shreds.
"Caelin's bitch ass shoes had the whole office cuttin up"
by cucut aaa May 16, 2018
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