To do something with less than the appropriate amount of care. Possibly from the practice of taking a short cut when running around a city block, effectively cuting off a corner of the route.
If they hadn't cut so many corners when building that bridge, it probably wouldn't have fallen down.
by RCS May 25, 2004
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To do a half assed job.

Make money-saving decisions on a project at significant expense of quality.
Bob decided to cut corners by building his boat out of cheap plywood instead of reinforced carbon-fibre.
by vice dogg May 25, 2004
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To take a shortcut. Sometimes refers to doing something more quickly or for a lesser cost, but at a lesser quality.
In order to save time, some workers cut corners and don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

The manager told the cashier, "When selling cigarettes, you cannot cut corners. You must check their ID."
by Steven May 30, 2004
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To use "short cuts" that stretches the rules a bit, but is often ignored.
Bill had to cut corners to meet the goal.
by Vile Vampire May 29, 2004
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To cut corners basically means to shirk, to avoid doing something, like when you're sweeping things and you sweep it under a table or a fridge to avoid having to actually use a dustpan.
Have you SEEN what's growing under the fridge? Damn, I give you a simple chore and you still cut corners!
by English Nazi May 25, 2004
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Originally used in travel terminology, as "to take a shortcut" (ie, pass by the corners, since cutting along any alternative path is faster than going all the way round the damn corner).

Used more frequently to mean skipping the hard stuff, use the easy way.
Exercise? You're kidding me, right?
I'd much rather cut corners and just get liposuction on this flab o' mine.

If you cut corners in school, you'll never learn the entire shitload.
by mrtopher May 27, 2004
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