Cussed, not to be confused with cussed out, is when someone is pissed off at you and begins to cuss at you. You walk away and they continue to cuss at the back of you head until you cannot hear them cussing.

Cussed out is when the person stops cussing and walks away from you.
Jack got cussed by Jeannie and the last thing he heard was, “Stupid Motherfucker.” The rest just sound like ranting through the walls.
by Fresh61 March 4, 2021
Broken, usually beyond repair.
Well done man, you just went and cussed my hat up good.
by RocketMBA July 13, 2003
A word used by fags, douchebags, retards, and rednecks to denote "curse." Strictly an invented word that, when used, signifies that the person has a severe mental handicap.
That retard just said cuss. What a douche.
by Righteous Fist August 16, 2008
words that teenagers use on an exceedingly high level, although it is slightly un necessary...
dude that fucking guy was pissing me the fuck off, so I went up to that bitch and totally fucked him up!!!!

-umm.... less cussing please.. the point could have gotten across...
by rage_for_freedom March 20, 2009
to say the "f word" and not the fuck word
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
to get ripped or merked/to rip or merk
il cuss u straight down to the floor
by seven April 9, 2005