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When parents tell their little kids to not get in trouble or they won't get any fucking presents for x-mas.
m: Bobby, if you kill your sister, Santa Claus won't give you anything for Christmas!!
Bobby: Oh yeah. I want a double bladed axe for x-mas so i'll just have to wait till after.
by bonbonschoolshollyeah December 21, 2019
noob vs pro: Safest family house by Dantdm
by bonbonschoolshollyeah October 6, 2019
when you are punched you go "OUUUUGHHH", this is a shortened version, can be heard on the OOF keyboard.
Bad guy on oof piano: OOF OOF, OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF-OOF, OOF, OOF...
by bonbonschoolshollyeah May 7, 2020