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1-Song used as a code to identify bisexual people
•Ask someone if they like sweater weather, if they say yes, they are bisexual!

(Some people don’t know about this code, so not everyone who says yes might be bi)

2-Sweater weather is also known as the Bisexual anthem.

•It’s not an official anthem, it’s taken as a bi joke, people call this song the bi anthem to joke around :)
Person 1: “hey, do you listen to sweater weather?🙃“
Person 2: “yeah!😉“
Person 1: *now knows person 2 is bisexual*


*someone plays the song sweater weather*
Bisexual person: “everyone, stand up to the anthem!😎”
by Addy writes September 23, 2020
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Someone who is unsure about their sexuality And suspects they might be bisexual. They can also suspect having another sexuality (that is not necessarily bisexuality) but because they are unsure still, they can still be part of this definition. Being bi-curious is mostly being open about considering your sexuality! Most of the people who classify as bi-curious are/want to experiment to discover what they like.
“I think I might be bisexual, but I’m not too sure... for now I guess I am bi-curious! I hope I find myself soon🙂”
by Addy writes August 04, 2020
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If you see these two emojis together 🍞🐝 in a user’s nickname, bio, or post, Most of the time that would mean they are “pambisitos/pambis”! You might be asking what those words mean, well, that is the name the spanish YouTuber DalasReview gave to his fandom. The name of the fandom can be pronounced both as the way it’s written (PAMBEE•SI•TOES) Pambisitos or as (PAN•BEE•SI•TOES) panbisitos. What “🍞🐝” represent the shortened version of the fandom’s name pambisitos, pambis. Since the first part of the word pambi (Pam) sounded like “pan” (bread in spanish) DalasReview’s fans decided to use the emoji of bread to create this symbol.



To form the other part of the abbreviation, the fans decided to use the emoji of the bee🐝 since bee in English sounds like the last part of the word pambi (bi)


A special place where you can find “🍞🐝” (pambi) in twitter is in the #amoralpambo hashtag created to support, defend, and show appreciation towards DalasReview.

You can find “🍞🐝” in user’s nicknames and descriptions who publicly share that they are part of this fandom, and basically in any post related to the youtuber.
by Addy writes September 17, 2020
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