Cuntism - The act of becoming involved in or performing the act of douchebaggery after a short period of time, with little to no logical reason other than the attempt to make oneself look superior to an individual or group, when in fact they make themselves out to be, but not limited to; hypocritical, ignorant, borderline retarded, and/or butthurt with extreme prejudice. Once the act of Cuntism begins, it spreads to those of feeble mind, multiplying it's senseless effect to those it infects.

It's a common affliction, easily combated and refuted by simple common sense and basic logic, though it is not uncommon for the individual or group performing the act of Cuntism to be completely oblivious to the stated facts and reasoning, at which point it accelerates the degenerative processes in the neo-cortex of the mind, furthering them down into pure unadulterated idiocy, it is not un-common for those performing Cuntism to completely boil down into a fit of raw butthurt and blind rage, at this point, simulating a child's temper tantrum, this is the weakest state they can be within, their idiocy at this point can break all known barriers and be hazardous to the health of those around them, and themselves.
"Wow, dude chill with the Cuntism, it was just a joke."

"That 10 year old started using Cuntism and made himself look like a dumbass when he lost at Call of Duty."
by Chargersphinx January 26, 2014
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A strict religious group that worships the vagina. During the month of January members of the cuntist sect eat and drink only pussy. This festival is called Eat Pussy Month, or more commonly Fuck Yeeeaaaah Month. There is a competition to the best pussy eater at the end of the holiday.
The priest at the Holy Church of Cuntism is giving a sermon on 69ing this sunday
by E-jay June 11, 2006
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The thoughts that go through the proof readers at urbandictionary.Com as they approve ridiculous words like "Christmoween" but can't seem to find the humor in your submission.
Wow the people at urbandictionary.Com must have their head full of cuntism to not notice that "Christmoween" isn't funny.
by EhHeIsFullOfShitAnyways October 01, 2014
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