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A mixture of "cunt" and "retarded". most likely to be said at someone who's acting whorrishly stupid.
*at a party*

Brittney spears: whooo i'm sooo drunk i think I'll sleep with Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake: Damnit britney stop acting cuntarded you look like a fool.
by yermoom December 13, 2009
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1. When you are so much of an ugly, retarded whore, that someone must describe you as all three in this one simple word.

2. When you are a girl with a Vagina that is bacteria infected, STI infected, or just gross looking. Then that cunt would be retarded. Hence: Cuntarded.
Example for Definition 1;

Spencer: I saw a girl that was a whore, and she was slow too!
Ashton: Was it Lauren? I head she was really cuntarded.

Example for Definition 2;

Britney: I saw that girl in the shower last night, and her vagina was so disgusting. It had pimples, and smelled like shit.
Lauren: Man, that must have been one cuntarded vagina.
by JustMe2904514216 December 11, 2011
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