A female (or male, implying female attributes) who is a two faced bitch. She is lying and deceiving and most likely has many annoying qualities, especially a voice.
Lindsay is such a lying and annoying cunt sack, I cannot stand her.
by partyhardy40 November 30, 2009
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A vicious, contentious, two-faced old whore that strikes out, and devises evil for people she is in contact with for the simple reason that her life is so depraved and deprived and because she needs some dick in her cunt really bad.
Becky is a fucking miserable cunt sack.
by Wade Hampton August 9, 2005
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someone who likes The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake is a cunt sack
Did you watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake? No, because only a cunt sack would watch that.
by XENA THE CAT October 16, 2016
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Cunt Sack Shot

equal parts-

cherry UV
Balies irish cream
The cunt sack only available in cross planes, wi
by David J Ferret December 31, 2008
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A insult given when a friend or aquatince, mostly ment for women. But more offensive when used record a man.
I thought john and I were tight, turns out he a real cunt sack.
by 1w1LLm@keY0u July 19, 2019
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The definition of a cunt sack is a person or object that resembles or acts like someone's testicles or just acting like a complete cunt as well as a sack of testicles. This can be used as a description of a man's masculinity or as a woman's fact of being a fucking whore. Or just your dumbass friend.
Sally: Gee, Matt is sure being a Cunt Sack today, I wish i could get rid of him.
Ginnie: Yeah, he seems like a complete dick.
Matt: You are a fucking Cunt Sack , I'm right fucking here.
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