To screw up/get screwed over, usually without a chance of redeeming oneself immediately.

Synonymous to bone/boned or screw/screwed, but with less overt sexual connotations.

Popularized by YouTuber and speedrunner SimpleFlips, especially due to the fact that the YouTube algorithm mistook the randomly invented word for a similarly-spelled curse word and demonitized him relentlessly until he started “censoring” himself.
Come on, don’t cunk me, dude.”
“You can’t keep cunking them like that.”
“I thought I was doing a safe idea, and then I cunked myself.”
by TheRobotMenace October 19, 2020
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1. A verb used in a specific phrase to tell them that you’re about to do something that will completely blow their mind and destroy their penis.
2. Gang jelq.
1. hold up gotta CUNK!
2. hold up gotta CUNK!
by Viko the Pirate October 4, 2018
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vaginal excretions
oooooh she is leaking cunk
by jonny13 March 20, 2003
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when you eat too much fiber and your cum is thicc like mayonnaise
nice cunk bro
by honkyhonk December 16, 2021
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a derogatory term for for anyone, stating they they have a cunt and a cock. basically a pussy with not balls. just your everyday asshole.
lando is such a cunk, he is being a dick to everyone.
by csblizzard93 November 4, 2013
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He called the cunk poop!
by 'tis January 15, 2010
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a mixture of the word cunt and cock.
Suck my big hairy cunk.

That person over there is a huge cunk.
by Puffs Cooks and Nucca June 22, 2009
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