the act of freezing a males sperm in order to make it into an Ice pop
ah here is a cumsicle I made earlier
by og cumsicle December 30, 2018
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Is frozen cum on a stick. Much like a popsicle. It can be a nice tasty refreshing treat. Especially to enjoy when horny. lol
I enjoyed a nice refreshing cumsicle yesturday when i got really horny from reading urban dictionary. I enjoyed my cumsigle as I masturbated. YUMMY!!!
by sexysamitha June 04, 2009
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When you ejaculate into a small tupperware container, install a small reusable lollypop stick, put in the freezer for approximately 2 hours until solid and then serve tasty treat to friends, family and close loved ones.
My daughter wouldn't stop crying, therefore I gave her a cumsicle to suckle on.
I gave my grandad a cumsicle, he absolutely loved it.
by lntelligent October 27, 2019
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when a guy cums in a girl oustide during the winter,then lets it drip out as it freezes,followed by another girl sucking the "cumsicle"
GIRL 1 to GIRL 2-so i heard you let "bob" do a cumsicle with you and your mom.

GIRL 2 to GIRL 1-yea,thats true it was the best time of my life.
by anonypooh October 07, 2010
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cumming onto the same spot of your blanket for 200 days and an icicle starts to form on it from the repetitive stacking of semen
Dorthy - "Ew whats that, your room doesnt seem THAT cold."
Tyrone - "It's a cumsicle."
Dorthy - "A what now?!"

Tyrone - "Use urban dictionary and you'll find out."
by YungSlanger September 23, 2019
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frozen sperm on stick that gayman can enjoy licking
instead of licking the cumsicle jimmy stuck it up his ass and enjoyed it form his other whole
by fanarizzle January 08, 2009
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