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Cum, usually in trace amounts, that has dried into flakes resembling those of dandruff, except perhaps a little yellower and definitely smellier.
I had a hard time wiping my jizz out of my pubes and chest hair, and 15 minutes later I noticed I was covered in cum flakes.
by agwellin February 01, 2008
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After ejaculation, cum that sits on your skin, dries up and eventually flakes off.
An hour after nailing my wife, I took a piss and scratched a huge cumflake off my stomach!
by THEEYANKEEFAN February 05, 2009
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Cum that flies through the air like snow flakes.
GIRL: So many cum flakes, how should I Catch Em' ALl like in pOKEMON?

GUY: Try to let me cum in your mouth.

by UniveGreensboro May 07, 2006
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It’s when you ejaculate in your covers at night then the next morning you scrape it off your covers in to flakes.
Mom: time to eat breakfast.
You: hold on I’m Scraping my cum flakes.
by Crustyh January 17, 2018
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When semen dries up on some skin, forming tiny white flakes that are similar looking to dandruff.
I've now got cumflakes on my skin because I didn't use a tissue or some toilet roll to clean up the cum.
by T-Rex_ August 17, 2016
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After semen is set in the sun for a long period of time, it may become hard and brittle. This is known as "cum flakes."
His cum dried up into brittle flakes called cum flakes after it set in a tissue for a week.
by ChloeV124 December 17, 2016
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