A group of people cuddling en masse, usually to comfort each other or express mutual friendship. Sometimes associated with raves and use of the drug Ecstasy; however, G-rated cuddle puddles can form in other situations.
Lisa's friends offered her so many hugs that everyone formed a cuddle puddle in the den.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 3, 2006
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When 2 or more people are involved in cuddling/spooning. It looks like a pile of people who all love each other. It can take place on the floor, bed or couch. Use the cuddle puddle technique when you want to hug all of your friends at the same time.
Richard: What are you guys doing on the floor?
Sasha: It's a cuddle puddle! Come join our cuddle puddle!
by Reecie Peecie January 14, 2010
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A group of ravers "cuddling" at a rave
I was in a cuddle puddle... it was much fun.
by Kali July 17, 2004
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when a bunch of kids on e cuddle together, usually at a rave
yo man, i was in this amazing cuddle puddle-it felt sooooo good.
by jyryd January 31, 2006
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a group of several people who are on ecstasy and are comforting each other by hugging
look! that's what you call a cuddle puddle
by gashlycrumb February 18, 2003
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The collection of sex juices left on the bed sheets after having sex. Sex is the form of intense cuddling.
Having sex seated will creat a good wet spot on your sheets. That's a cuddle puddle
by ndizz February 19, 2014
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A cuddle puddle is a group of 3 or more people sitting closely together or often on top of eachother exchanging hugs, kisses, cuddles, and often bodily fluids usually while under the influence of the drug exstacy.
Thizz Head: "Man, I'm rollin balls, man. I just want to touch everybody"
Raver girl: "Hey, lets make a cuddle puddle!"
Kandi Kid: "Hey, stop licking my face! Wait... no, keep doing that... oh yeah..."
E-Tard: "Wait! I can't make-out with three people and gnaw on my binkie at the same time!"
by Khaightlynn December 9, 2008
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