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A cuddle puddle is a group of 3 or more people sitting closely together or often on top of eachother exchanging hugs, kisses, cuddles, and often bodily fluids usually while under the influence of the drug exstacy.
Thizz Head: "Man, I'm rollin balls, man. I just want to touch everybody"
Raver girl: "Hey, lets make a cuddle puddle!"
Kandi Kid: "Hey, stop licking my face! Wait... no, keep doing that... oh yeah..."
E-Tard: "Wait! I can't make-out with three people and gnaw on my binkie at the same time!"
by Khaightlynn December 9, 2008
1) Noun: Cut- a sneaky, secret place where one can do what they please (usually illegal or sexual activities) without the risk of getting caught (mainly cops and good samaritans who will tell the cops). Also, hangout usually in the woods or beach or off the beaten path.

2) Adjective: Cutty- describing a place that is very safe to do said things in, or a person who is good at doing said things slyly.

3) Verb: Cutty- being sneaky and unnoticable.

1) Stoner Steve: "Hey, girl, you tryinna smoke with me down in the cuts and fool around a little?"
Budfiend Betty: "But wont someone see us?"
Stoner Steve: "Nah, man, that's why they call them cuts."

2) Mary: "HEY! Look at this trail I found leading to a cut!"
Juanna: "No one will ever find this! Its cutty as fuck!"

Jew Gabe: "What's Caitlin doing?"
LisaLove: "She just hit a pipe on the bleachers and no one saw!"
Jew Gabe: "She's cutty as fuck."

3) Johnny Applebong: "Everybody shut the fuck up! We're in a cut, we need to be cutty."

Tony Two-hit: "Shhh, we're being cutty!"

Iron-lung Irene: "Cuts are cutty, that's why they're called cuts."

by Khaightlynn December 9, 2008