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EL Cucuy is a Mexican urban legend. Legend says it that once upon a time a father was really angry at his kids for misbehaving. As a matter of punishment, he decided to lock his kids in his closet to learn their lesson. After a while, he decided to go to town and run some errands but he forgot to take his kids out of the closet. When he came back from the town he saw that his barn and his house caught on fire which killed the kids and the father was cursed. In disbelief, he decided to look for his kids in many closets. It has been years from look for his kids and started growing an appetite for them. Now he hunts kids and hides in closets at night waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Or the definition is A Mexican legend often used for misbehaved children saying that he will get them at night if they don't behave. Also, legend has it that whoever hears the true legend will catch a glimpse of him at night, SLEEP WELL.
EL Cucuy te va llevar al bosque y comerte si no te comportas.
The Cucuy will take you to the forest and eat you if you don't behave.
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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1) A story with which to scare little Mexican children.

2) If said correctly, like a spooky tone, it scares the shizz outta you!

3) Basically the Mexican Boogeyman/the fucking scariest thing on the face of the earth.
1)"Si no te calmas, el Cu-Cuy te va ha agarrar!"----translation----"If you don't behave, the Cu-Cuy will get you!"

2)"El Cuuuuuu-Cuuyyyyyyyyyyy!"

3) Say this in the dark with a bunch of Mexicans (mostly kids) and they WILL start to cry.
by PaleteroJ April 05, 2010
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"El cucuy" is about the equivelant to the boogie man, but is much scarier. Contrary to what people believe its not just the MEXICAN boogieman, many different Spanish speaking countries tell stories about the Cucuy. Some say that the Cucuy lives in the closet.

"Te va a comer el Cucuy"
"The Cucuy is gonna eat you"
by Akira502002 December 26, 2006
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A "monster" that will come if you dont behave.
Juan if you dont eat your beans el cucuy is going to come and take you
by Jefman November 02, 2018
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Known as the "mexican boogeyman", the cucuy is the adult phase of an alien species now origionating from the Lincoln National Forest of New Mexico. Known for ferocity and stealthiness, the cucuy is feared by all children who know it's evil name. (see also, cucuybird, cucuywaterscorpion baby, cucuywaterscorpion, chupacabra)
Viene el cucuy! (Here comes the cucuy!)
by JB April 12, 2005
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