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"Mexican" pronounced wif a southern accent.
We dem thoed meskins out da dirty souf, Hataz want plex? What they, what they talmbout?
by Screwed up Texas April 21, 2004
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Used in South Texas to describe a Mexican-American. Usually taken (by Mexican-Americans) to be pejorative and offensive, similar to the *N* word (but not as strong). Also, in the same way that blacks often call each other the "N" word in jest, I've heard young Mexican-American males call each other "meskin" (e.g. "what's up, meskin?) in jest.
(Spoken by a white): Those meskins are so lazy and dishonest.

(Spoken by a Mexican-American in reply to a white): Hey, we as a people find that word offensive. Please don't say "meskin" around me any more.
by Carey1234 October 16, 2011
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