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A three dimensional twisty puzzle is usually made of a set of pieces that can change their position through a group of operations, obtaining different combinations. Physically, the rearrangement of positions is done through the rotation (twist) of some pieces around a point of the polyhedron (which may represent one of the pieces of the puzzle), which is usually located at the center of a face or a corner.

Often the puzzle pieces have one or more colors and the solved state is represented by the position in which each face of the polyhedron contains pieces of a single color.

A puzzle with intricate mechanisms such as the Rubik's Magic Cube, Fisher Puzzle, Rubik's Revenge, Pocket Cube, Pyraminx, Dodecahedron, Megaminx, Square-1, Skewb, Void, Floppy Cube, 7x7x7, and others.

Many are used in competitions regulated by The World Cube Association (WCA).
The original twisty puzzle, The Rubik's Magic Cube (3x3x3) has 43 Quintillion permutations. That's 43 followed by eighteen zeroes! The current world record is under five seconds.
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by Immodest June 03, 2017
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