(n.) One who rocks the bong in the dark
Big D. and I had a great time last night, man is he a midnight toker!
by King Robby V. September 8, 2005
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1.someone who only smokes in the night. usually around midnight or later.
2.someone who smokes at nite so people wont know they dont.
1. He's a midnight toker
2.i smoke when my parents are asleep
by Nympho ciacchi January 15, 2004
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A person that consumes cannabis late at night. Usually someone who doesn't want to get caught by others, most likely parents. These people will sometimes invest in a vaporizer, for more stealth toking.
Cole's parents seen the movie Reefer Madness so to avoid any backlash from his parents about his consumption of marijuana, he invested in a vape and switched to only smoking at night time when they were asleep. Thanks to this switch, he no longer gets lectured about the 'dangers' of this harmless herb. He is now considered a Midnight Toker.
by MidnightTokingAllNightLong December 6, 2011
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