a cub is a young man that searches for older woman(cougars), akin to a cub nuzzling up to the momma cougar's teet.
Jeter: "so what's your plan for this weekend Jerry?"
Jerry: "dude, I'm hitting the bars up so this baby cub can get some of that sweet cougar teet!"
by subliminal_threat October 25, 2009
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The worst, saddest, and all around crappiest team ever to grace the face of the planet.
The Cubs sure do suck but they had one HELL of a team in 1906. Those fuckers were unstoppable.
by ducttape16 March 30, 2003
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"Geez, that girls clothes are so expensive and she still looks trashy."
"Yeah, what a cub."


"Dolly Parton."


"Bec Cartwright."
by Y.T. March 25, 2006
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the daughter of a cougar
That cougar has brought her cubs with her today
by C-Lo November 07, 2003
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CUB- codename used by females to describe a potential/current/previous (a.k.a. active or inacitve duty) sexual partner. The pronoun is always preceded by a nickname deemed by the female as an indicator to the CUB's actual name, random thought, funny story or some unfortunate happenstance exhibited by the CUB in question.

Addendum: CUB was revolutionized to become an acronym Cute.Unattached.Boy
Tina, " I cannot believe you had sex with Mime CUB again, the man is paid to speak on the radio and he is silent in bed!"

Erika, "He shall be deemed Sox CUB, I woke up and all he was wearing was inside out argyle socks."

Abril, "Have you made contact with your hot neighbor yet? What was his CUB name again?"
Alex, "SWF CUB, because I think it is creepy that I am slightly stalking my neighbor."
by Gingergirl33 March 13, 2010
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the worst team in all of baseball history. can have a winning season then mess it up some how. see Bartman
Cubs Fan: HA HA your cheering for a loosing season this year.
Sox Fan: So. What do you think you've been doing your entire life...
Cubs Fan: ......
Sox Fan: That's what I thought. Oh! and they'll end up with a losing record this year some how.
by JMac778 May 10, 2007
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A cub aka cashed up bogan: a person who is wealthy but still does the stereotypical things a bogan would do
like wear the black tight jeans and a metallica shirt with the mullet
person 1: look at that bogan over there
person 2: no thats a cub

by sensesfailed November 11, 2006
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