Cub-Confused Ugly Bitch
That girl thinks she is really hot. Too bad she is just a cub.
by gmfh November 06, 2010
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A woman of unparalleled beauty, whose smile lights up a room, and whose laugh warms my heart. She is open, funny, friendly, and utterly breathtaking. She thrills me in new ways each day and in each moment together. I will never get tired of her, for its enough simply to be with someone so incredible and amazing. She may be eternities away, yet still my heart still stops each time I look into her eyes. She is my only thought. My one person and my other half. My dream and my fantasy. Every moment apart is blissful agony; knowing what we have and what it could be. The only one worth waiting for. The best thing ever and forever.
Surfer : aah sick barrel dude, that must make you feel on top of the world, best wave ever!
Me : yeah bru, its a total cub
by keepgoingon August 03, 2010
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A cub is a young girl or guy who has a "thing" for men/women older then them. A cub can find them either more emotionally or physically attractive then the opposite sex their own age.
Alice: "You were flirting so much with that one guy!"
Mel: "I know, but I can't help it!"
Alice: "He was like ten years older then us! You are such a cub!"
by youissodumm August 09, 2010
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to choke, continually lose, to come close but never make it. In reference to the Chicago Cub's of baseball. Also see cubbed for past tense.
"I wonder how Cubs will cub it this year."
"I dunno but I bet they cub it in the NLCS"
"Did you see the time the Cubs lost because htat fans caught the ball"
"Yeah they really cubbed it that year."
by EScrote August 04, 2009
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Slang for someone of the gay persuasion. See also bear.
"Yo man, did you see the way he acts? He's a complete cub, man."
by MaAH February 23, 2007
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