a beautiful woman named Solána Imani Rowe born on November 8th, 1990. Her stage name SZA is pronounced (sizz-a)
Person 1: have you heard of SZA?
Person 2: no
Person 3: you should check out her music!
by heyimbee333 December 1, 2019
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stream good days by sza ‼️
by theyluvtristan January 27, 2021
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Solána Imani Rowe professionally know as SZA is an American R&B singer.She was born in Saint Louis,Missouri on November 8th 1990. SZA debuted with her album Z but gained most fame from her most recent hit album Ctrl.She is signed under the Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE).She has also collaborated with other artists such as: Kendrick Lamar,Travis Scott, and Isaiah Rashad.
"Omg have you heard Sza's new song?!"
by hehehehe127 April 30, 2018
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A beautiful black girl that makes bomb, relatable, and inspirational music that doesn't conform to only producing stereotypical rnb and hip hop.
Person 1: you know there's some really good sza merch i found.
Person 2: sis send the link
by sour grapes i hate kias December 28, 2019
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Pronounced as: szɑ/sizza
Real name: Solána Imani Rowe
SZA is a female R&B/neo-soul singer songwriter. She's up to now still the only female artist who is signed by TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) along Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and the others. SZA, just like RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, gets her name from the Supreme Alphabet:
S - Self, Savior
Z - Zig-Zag-Zig (from knowledge to wisdom to understanding)
A - Allah
What you been up to the last few weeks?
- Man, I've been listening to SZA's new album CTRL over and over again!
by emiellz June 18, 2017
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Pronounced "sizza". It is an acronym for the term "super zitty ass." Super zitty ass is typically brought on by warm summer months, humidity, and lots of time sitting in front of a computer. SZA at it's worst can cover both ass cheeks with literally hundreds of tiny red zit bumps. The only remedy is cooler weather.
Hey guys check out my SZA, I've been sitting in this chair for 48 straight hours.
by jolpyman March 25, 2010
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my wife and mines only 😻
random: hey you saw SZA?
another random: yea thats her wife!
by szaloverrr December 27, 2022
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