CSG is an abbreviated phrase for "Coffee Shop Girl". Coffee Shop Girls are pretty girls (only some) that works in Vietnamese coffee shops, primarily located all over northern and southern California.

** This abbreviation was created by a Giraffe and a lil Puto. :) **
Dude, there's a new CSG that works at Cafe L*! ... Damn she is bangin!

I don't know why desperate guys goes to coffee shops, sit, and drool all over the CSGs. They'll never have a chance with them!

One of my goals in life is to smash a CSG.
by T.T.G. February 09, 2010
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Calvert Street Gangsters

CSG or Calvert Street Gangsters Dominate the woodland hills area thier leaders are to crazy to list here
by NoSecrets Son May 04, 2009
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CSG is short for "creepy single guy".

These are the kind of guys you find in clubs who sit in the corner and nurse a beer all night, and dont talk to anyone or put themselves out there till the end of the evening, when there's a possibility of getting laid.

CSGs are also the fellas who hit on you in line for the bathroom bc you're cornered and cant leave.
Sara: The Club is really busy tonight!!!

Tara: Yeah, too bad its full of CSGs, or we might meet someone real.
by Sapphrodite October 30, 2011
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I can't believe what Pap just tweeted, he's such a clown csg
by vmatjpapeyu January 22, 2017
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Catholic School Girl
Ironically are said to be very promiscuous and lascivious because of the length of their skirts
The skirts actually go to the knees but those generous CSG’s pull them up so their asses can hang out
The really generous ones flash on command
“Did you notice that CSG sitting across from me on the bus man, dude she gave me an up skirt and she had no panties!”
by Sonny March 26, 2005
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Grouping/Herd of retards who are on the verge of being on the endangered species list, due to lack of intelligence and ample food servings, struggling to hibernate 40 hours a week Monday thru Friday... scattered intermittingly throughout the SE corridor of the zoo, children often run from them for fear of being mistaken for a snickers bar. The introduction of the bar code to modern technology will lead to their extinction, and/or CSG will not survive the flood because Noah will leave them behind for fear of sinking the ark. Slim hope for survival, based on the ability to block for Coach Hennessee in the Power I.
I think I left a CSG floating in the 2nd floor toilet.
by Chucky January 13, 2005
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