A website run by the most insane conspiracy theorist on the planet. He's one of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, and he also believes that school shootings aren't real, and are all staged, such as Sandy Hook or Stoneman Douglas High. No wonder he was censored by a lot of other media-streaming websites. Not to mention, his team of conspiracy theorists also go around and "debunk" baseless claims that have been proven wrong before. Alex Jones, get a life.
Some Random Guy: Yo, did you not realize that Sandy Hook was just a bunch of actors and no one died?
Some Random Guy's Friend: Where the heck did you get that from?
Some Random Guy: Infowars. It provides the truth, and nothing but the truth. Also, the government controls our weather!
Some Random Guy's Friend: Look what this website turned you into, stop reading their crap!
by AngryDragon15 November 11, 2018
Infowars a group collective who stalks, defames, terrorize anyone who have any indifference of opinion.
Oh look it's Infowars! What a bunch of scumbag bitches. They deserve life in prison.
by BeingStalkedbyInfowars February 21, 2022