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Someone who uses the perceived righteousness of a social justice cause as a pretext to abuse others, and then plays the victim when confronted about that abuse.
"I've never met a social justice warrior, victicrat, or practitioner of identity politics who wasn't a cry bully."
by AttiDaddi January 19, 2016
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A person who considers themselves a member of a victimized class who demands that those who don't agree with them be punished. The crybully is often overly-sensitive to perceived slights, but doesn't hesitate to label others. The crybully wears their victimhood as a badge of honor and relies on loud, angry slogans when their viewpoint is questioned. The crybully will attempt to shame their opponents into silence.
The crybully screamed at and cursed the Yale professor who suggested that the university's primary goal isn't to provide students a safe place where their perspectives are never questioned but to develop intellectual communities that can freely dialog about any topic.
by Ijiwaru Sensei January 30, 2016
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A SJW or other type of far-left extremist that constantly pretends to be a victim while actually doing things such as harassing, bullying or even using violence against others.
"How dare you wear a Indian chief costume at Halloween? This triggered us to the point that we all felt like we were being raped. Now you must resign from your job because of the harm you caused. "

-STFU stupid crybully.
by Steven2020 January 15, 2016
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A Cry Bully is a person who acts like a victim and as a bully. Usually acting like a victim will follow a detestable action that has gotten them a lot of negative attention and mean comments. Some Cry Bullies will use this system of bully and victim in order to get sympathy or money from strangers on the internet.
Person A: I feel so bad about what happened to Sally. Mark's friends said some really mean things to her.
Person B: Sally is a Cry Bully. They only said those things to her because Sally told Mark that he deserved to have cancer because he wasn't a vegan.
Person A: Really? Sally said that?
Person B: Yep, it's all here in this informative YouTube video.
Person A: Sally is a fucked up bitch! Fuck Cry Bullies!
by BLH Productions January 07, 2016
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A bully who harasses their victim, then goes crying fake tears to a person or group of authority or publicity claiming that their victim harassed them, in order to encourage them to wrongly persecute the victim as well.
Des was a notorious crybully, one time he kicked at people building sandcastles in the playground before running off, and by the time we helped clean up those that were hurt, he'd dragged back a teacher and claimed that we'd all ganged up on him!
by thejimler November 25, 2015
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A person (most likely an SJW) who uses their own victim complex to bully someone into submission.
That protester demanding Halloween be banned is such a crybully.
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by SummonerofDoubt January 22, 2016
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A person who goes out of their way to feel oppressed and usually goes further to suppress whatever is "oppressing" them.
Did you hear about the free yoga getting cancelled because some crybully claimed it was cultural appropriation? Those SJWs can get away with anything nowadays
by The Burgest February 01, 2016
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