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a last name that belongs to a hot amazing girl, tbh the last name means "cross"
you see that girl over there, yeah shes a crowell girl :)
by lilmama20 March 06, 2017
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Referring to women who are sexually or romantically attracted to other women. Applies to both lesbians and bisexual women, as it is only the same-sex attraction that matters, not any other attractions the women may have.

Originates from the Greek poet Sappho, a bisexual woman from the Isle of Lesbos, from which we get the term lesbian.
The sapphic women greatly enjoyed each others company.
by whatisdead June 25, 2015
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A fucking dick who has nothing better to do than teach math classes to seventh grade mexicans
Mr. Crowell gave us the worst math assignment. FIFTY FUCKING PAGES OF GEOMETRY
by BigDickMcQuick March 09, 2014
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A super sailor who has the iq of the Mensa committee combined.
Have you seen Crowell recently? Nah he’s probably just inventing a seventh dimension or something.
by DankmemerCDXX September 30, 2019
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One of great talent. A man who holds the potential and ability to create amazing pieces of artwork. An extremely unique and attractive man. CAN EASILY BECOME THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!
by Accent Walls May 22, 2021
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