to make a mustache out of pubic hair and place it on someone's upper lip (usually done to a "lightweight" who has passed out due to drinking and/or smoking marijuana). the term comes from the folk singer jim croce who sported a large black mustache. the first person to be croced beared a resemblance to jim croce.
jeff was passed out by eleven o'clock, so we croced his ass.
by ej m January 4, 2006
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a fat teenager, but they don't act gay like most fat kids, they're pimps
Paul has the biggest tits I've ever seen, but he also gets a lot of pussy, making him a fat croce
by krook June 24, 2004
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the act of wearing only crocs during consensual intercourse.
bro i heard y’all in the other room, were y’all crocing?
by StaticHD May 6, 2020
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The best singer-songwriter in history. He can often be found with a cigar in his mouth, since he is a badass.
Jim Croce's mustache made him a hit with the ladies as he sung about cool stuff.
by Supguysfriedchicken December 3, 2008
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An extremely gay individual who gets pegged by his beard. Loves visiting the Pines and bean sprouts.
by Francoisdel March 31, 2022
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