an idiot. someone who cannot do even the simplest tasks right. No one likes the cretin, and is usually hated by most people for screwing up important stuff.

Comes from Romanian, "Cretin", which means idiot.
That cretin forgot to bring the basketball, again. What a complete idiot.
by Vlad Dracula February 27, 2010
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Word which describes a quite ugly person. Those posessing drastic and distinctively noticeable ugly characteristics will be given the title of a cretin. Word origins from the dictionary yet has been made famous by those inhabiting the King's Hospital School, particularly the members of the 5th Form.
"You know that guy Emmet Hughes"
"Ye wat about em?"
"The state of em. Absolute cretin!"
by Paul Lawson February 21, 2009
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A person who's too narrow minded and retarded to expand their experience beyond their own perceptions-Usually used to describe people who spend hours playing First Person Shooter Games like Call of Duty or Halo but dont have the brains to play games like Final Fantasy or any multitude of excellent JRPG or far superior Japanese games.
Cretin one: "slobbers"I just got a killstreak in Halo Reacharound!
Cretin two:"Drools and spittle flies forth from his gaping maw"oh yea I just prestiged for the 30th time in Black ops!

Worldy gamer who plays more than shooters:What a bunch of Cretins ..
by The one who lies January 10, 2011
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The lowest form of humanity. A person that is a waste of air. A person who is lazy and doesn't contribute anything to society. Someone who kills the mood and is a hoe to their friends.
Grace Burlinson is the definition of a cretin.
by Megan Price November 24, 2015
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A disgusting human, in every way physically possible. Often a person who attempts to make jokes at other people to hide his true inside feelings of rejection.
Jonny was a cretin, everyone at work knew he was a cretin. It's the only word to fit his truly rejected personaity.
by Miranda Hart February 02, 2015
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A name commonly used by someone who wants to delete random things from urbandictionary.com
by Tommyhaych March 01, 2005
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Someone of the lowest possible intelligence level. Someone with an IQ of 10. At the most. Many cretins behave like veggies and can only be taught to piss themselves.
That guy's brain never fully developed past the third week of gestation and he is now a cretin.
by Big Lee March 11, 2006
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