taking pictures of the market district grand opening and carrying a camera around with you everywhere.
Hey! Your parents are from milan and are rich, so they buy you everything. Even that camera you carry around. You creep!
by youdontknowboutme November 08, 2009
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to get the fuck going, so you can go buy a ball smoke your dizzy and leave these ugly bitches
by justin the fucking mann July 14, 2003
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Creep is a derogatory word that has a lot of meanings, but it is only true to those understand from an intellectual perspective. It can mean anything you want it to, but this is going to be a different definition to this word. Creep is a word that will get a person shot and jumped and get their chain snatched and other possessions of that person no matter what the scenario.

Creep is viewed as the word nigger. The word nigger originates from when white people in the South would call black people. "Hey, we gon get us a nigger." or call them a nigger lover." This word has to be viewed the same way as calling someone a creep. Even though the person might have acted like a creep or wasn't trying to, but still got accused of it. Don't talk shit about somebody, because it can come back to haunt you. It doesn't matter if you're right. You can make all the arguments you want. This shows you are a hater or just finding a reason to hate on somebody instead of trying to squash the beef between you and that person. Just let the person, be and leave them alone. Let bygones, let bygones. If you follow all these criteria, you will be alright, but if you wanna be stupid and want to talk shit about somebody, you will suffer some consequences, just like you did to the person by calling them a creep. Don't call niggas this word because you don't know how they gonna react.
White Girl: Hey, don't talk to that guy, he's a creep! (can also mean the n-word)
Black Guy: Bitch, what you say!!! (with anger)
White Girl: I said you're a creep
Black Guy: Next time you say that shit, I'm gonna cuss you ass out and i'm gon humilitate you so bad cause you talkin shit. You a hater!!!
White Guy:Man you are a creep.
Black Guy: What you say!!!! Nigga, I'm gon beat yo ass!!!! I aint playin wit ya bruh! You say that shit in the hood, you will get shot and jumped boy!!!!
White Guy: Man get away from her, you're a creep!
Black Guy: Nigga, do you want to get jumped!!!!
White Guy: Get away from her creep!!
Black Guy: Nigga, i'm gon f u up (pulls out clip)
Black Guy: Man you a creep ass nigga!
Black Guy: Man im a kill you nigga! Take this L bitch!!
Black Guy: (scared for his life)
by Ill June 23, 2015
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In materials engineering, creep is the gradual deformation and eventual cracking of a material when it is subjected to a steady load at high temperature over a long period of time.
If I tug on my penis for long enough whilst subjecting it to high temperature, hopefully it will creep. I must be careful to avoid cracking, though!
by ROBBO617 December 12, 2017
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