When you are golfing with your buddies, it is the act of slamming on the gas when one buddy is half in the golf cart and the hand rail from the cart slams and slides through said buddies ass crack resembling the act of sliding a credit card.
**If you are really couragous, you can dare to try the infamous "Credit Fraud". Which is the act of credit checking not only the passenger, but also the driver(you).
Shamus: "ah man Ryan surprised me with the ol' Credit Check on the 9th hole!"

Jon: "i totally pulled off that Credit Fraud on the 13nth, but paid for it with a bogey!"
by hsduke006 June 28, 2010
when you swipe your hand through someone's ass like a credit card. THEN smell hand and say "wow, you've been approved"
You have just been Credit Checked!
by flanstar February 28, 2005
The act of giving a credit check ( the act of swiping ones hand through the ass crevace of another) whilst sneaking up on him and pulling his forehead backwards making him temporarily paralyzed, spazzing, and crumble to the ground violently ( taking everything aorund him out along with him )
Eddie crumbled to the ground hard and violently after Joey gave him a Nazi Credit Check
by Valente Bros. January 5, 2008
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A hockey player swipes the toe of their stick between their opponents butt cheeks and across the butthole, in the fashion of swiping a credit card.
Ohhhh! Weston just gave Grady a Winnipeg Credit Check.
by Drunken ‘Sconi January 24, 2022