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When you inadvertently walk into a lingering fart or when someone intentionally leaves a fart cloud for you to walk in to, you've experienced a crap-slap.
Jesus that stinks...thats the worst crap-slap I've ever smelled!

That old man crap slapped the whole room!
by Jess Tuchscherer November 13, 2007
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The act of applying fecal matter to another by placing it in the palm of ones hand and slapping a person.
Billy returned from the bathroom and applied a wicked crap slap to Tommy, covering his face in fecal matter with an audible crack.
by Da Definer November 06, 2006
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when a person shits in their hand, and slaps another individual across the face
Hey dude, did you see Janey today?
-Yeah, she got crap slapped. ewww
-Yeah poop all up on her face!
by Conglomo Cikiriyte January 23, 2004
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When you barg in to the bathroom when someone is taking a shit, and slap their bare ass and thighs until they are red. All the victim can do is scream like a girl, because no one wants to fight when they are naked and shits dangling between their legs.
Ow! My ass still stings from when my brother Crap Slapped me. Next time I shit, I'll lock the door
by Palamander December 13, 2010
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When you go into a room and shit into your hand, then run out wildly and slap someone in the face while the shit is in your hand.
Wow! Nick sure did get Chase with that Crap Slap.
by Mooneyham March 13, 2006
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The act of wipeing your (or someone else's) ass just after a shit and then slaping someone.
guy 1: wow dude did you hear that new justin beiber shit?

guy 2: ya i wish i could crapslap him!
by sexapeal July 04, 2011
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