Expression when something goes wrong.
Mahi: Dude, how is the code coming ?

Randy: Holy crap on a cracker, its not.
by RandyBaby June 27, 2008
A way to describe an unfortunate situation or event.
*drops iphone* "oh, ughhh.. crap on a cracker!!!" >:(
by lolicakes August 14, 2010
When all of a sudden everything thats good just went to shit.
I got raise at work today, but my car was towed, what a crap on a cracker.
by Jusbeatti February 1, 2009
1) (conj) An expression of frustration due to an unfair or unlucky situation.

2) (n) A blatant or obvious lie.
ex 1

Crap on a cracker! I think I lost my car keys again!

ex 2

James: Dude, your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Bob: Come on man, that's crap on a cracker.

by Skiierboy17 February 25, 2009