an ant that bites you in the crotch area
"Oh my gosh i have a crant bite but can't itch it without looking obvious!"
by rachelmaple July 30, 2008
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The crant is a coloquial term for the piece of skin from the vagina to the anus. it can also refer to the vagina or vaginal activity.
'This homeboy was dissin my ride so i told him to shove it up his crant'
by max van hothage March 25, 2005
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the act of being and idiot/complete horseshit, or being named zac thats
by woot!@Crant! March 10, 2005
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The act of complaining or criticizing things that are never “good enough” for the complainer, just for the sake of doing so.
“Pfft, that isn’t real music. *This* is real music.” “Pfft, people these days are so stupid. They’ve never even read ‘1984.’”

“Ugh...there goes Chris, cranting again.”
by CrouchPotato December 7, 2019
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The only word worse than cunt
I've lost all my credit cards, this is a total crant of a situation.

Ryan is such a crant.
by Linguine February 12, 2016
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Used to describe a woman (or man) who just lies there when you are trying to have sex with them.
Dan: Dude! I heard you tapped Bridget last night, how was it?
Joe: she was such a crant, it sucked man!

Dan: Oh damn! That's too bad bro.
by Sm1th3rz December 24, 2013
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If you throw someone of a window on a chair.
I will crant you if you won't stop.
by The guy with a long name April 27, 2022
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