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The cranston is the gap where the vaginal mound can be seen dipping into the space between the tops of the inside of a woman's thighs and the bottoms of the inside of her buttocks.

Originally a military term.
I'd say she was about a two finger cranston to be honest.
by thegratefuldead July 27, 2010
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Cranston is the third largest city in Rhode Island. Located south of Providence and north of West Warwick. You can find a equal mix of characters in Cranston ranging from white trash, burn outs, snobs, and rich folks. But honestly Cranston is a very unique place with many perks to living there. 5 minutes from the city and only 20 from the beach. There are many good restaurants located in the area as well. The girls from Cranston seem to just be a lot more attractive, especially the girls from the west side. Cranstonians have a distinct accent, different from other Rhode Islanders. Even the creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane, likes the city so much he has be quoted in saying Quahog has been modeled after Cranston.
-" there nothing to do in Cranston!"

-" let's go pick up some girls at Garden City, yo!"
by richard d. nixon February 12, 2009
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An quiet person but very live once you get to know him, great personality, hard to resist sexy guy once you get to know him. Often says dumb things that infer "wtf" but who cares. Soon to be rich and have dreams to retire early in life. Also very horny and great in bed with very large endowments...
Cranston is a very intelligent male that is great to hang around once he is no longer quiet and always has money. Great in bed and always horny
Man that cranston is rich and intelligent
by 1love298 February 04, 2010
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'DAYUM! that girl is a cranston!'

' ARGH NERD!' ' NO NO WAIT, she is a cranston...' ' Oh... DAYUM'

'I nailed a cranston last night'
by DingDongHam November 15, 2011
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