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Term used to describe a person who acts like they are truly gods gift to the earth, when in reality they are a big piece of shit. Unfortuantly, this is a disease as well if the person actually thinks that they are amazing at everything and not just acting like it. Often resulting in violence.

I am sorry, but my room mate is suffering from Crampton
by Mr Deluxe November 11, 2007
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1. Shitter than shit.
2. An uncurable affliction comparable to AIDS/Cancer/Jeremy Kyle.
3. An egotistical chunk of shit.
A: "Mate, did you see that little girl get decapitated by the propellor?"

B: "Yeah man, totally crampton."


A: "Hitler was a crampton."

B: "Nah, he wasn't that bad!"
by Acedoug April 29, 2010
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